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How to Get Titanic Pets in Pet Simulator X – Guide

How to Get Titanic Pets in Pet Simulator X – Guide

Pet Simulator X is the popular game that’s also the third iteration of the Pet Simulator series that allows players to collect coins and gems to unlock powerful pets. Players can use their collected coins to hatch pets from eggs and purchase new biomes.

Along the way, you can also unlock new worlds as you progress and discover new features and game mechanics. In addition, you also get to train pets that are much bigger than the actual pets you might have in real life. So in this article, we’ll be going over how to get Titanic Pets in Pet Simulator X.

How to Get Titanic Pets in Pet Simulator X – Guide

Titanic Pets are easily the largest type of pets that you can have in the game. They’re around five to six times the size of regular pets and there are different types of them to love and care for. In other words. Titanic Pets are also stronger than normal-sized pets and you can ride them around for extensive periods, unlike normal pets.

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To get Titanic Pets, you have to consistently buy plushies, and not in-game, but from the actual BIG Games online store. So if you buy say the Red Ballon Cat plushie from the BIG Games online store, you’ll also be given a unique code that can be redeemed in-game for a Titanic Red Balloon Cat Pet.

Also, it’s worth adding that there is a limited number of plushies you can purchase because they sell out quickly. So, if you’re looking to get one, be sure to get it fast and if it’s currently out of stock, be sure to sign up for stock notifications.

Obtaining Titanic Pets by Hatching Them

Another way to get Titanic Pets in Pet Simulator X is by hatching them from Exclusive Eggs. You can purchase exclusive eggs from the in-game Exclusive Shop for 400 Robux per one, and to get Robux, you have to spend real money.

Also, there’s no guarantee of getting a Titanic Pet on your first try as you have around 0.05% odds of getting a Titanic Pet with an Exclusive Egg. So you’re going to be hatching a couple of eggs to get that one or more Exclusive Eggs if you’re lucky.

Ultimately, be prepared to spend some real money in the game if you’re looking to get your hands on Titanic Pets because they’re unique aspects of the game that not many players have.

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How to Get Titanic Pets in Pet Simulator X – Guide


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