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How to Get the Sound of a Horn in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Learn how to get the sound of a horn for Great Fairy Mija in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Great Fairies from Breath of the Wild return in Tears of the Kingdom, but due to the Upheaval spreading gloom across Hyrule, they have retreated into their flower buds for safety. The only way to get them out is through beautiful music, and one of them wants to hear the sound of a horn. Here is how to get the sound of a horn in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Getting the sound of a horn for the Great Fairy Mija in Tears of the Kingdom

In the snow capped mountains of Hebra, Link comes across another Great Fairy named Mija. Sadly, like the other Great Fairies in Hyrule, Mija is downtrodden because of all the gloom and doom that the Upheaval has caused. You can find her flower bud northeast from the Snowfield Stable.

Before she can bestow her armor-enhancing blessings on Link, Mija must be convinced that there is still beauty in the outside world, and you can do this through the magic of music. Mija specifically asks for the sound of a horn.

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If you have dealt with the other Great Fairies already, you know what must be done here. If you are unfamiliar, we will walk you through the steps of getting the sound of a horn.

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Reuniting the Stable Trotters

This guide assumes you have not started the first part of the Stable Trotters’ quest. If you have already completed the side adventure “Serenade to a Great Fairy,” you can skip this section and continue on to “Playing the sound of a horn for Great Fairy Mija”.

First, head to the Lucky Clover Gazette located in the Hebra region. Yes, the very same Lucky Clover company that wrote all those newspapers you have been hearing about.

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Do take care, as the Hebra region is trapped in a never-ending blizzard, so be sure to dress warmly or cook lots of dishes using Spicy Peppers to keep your internal body temperature up.

Once you are there, you should recognize Penn, the Rito that visited Lookout Landing early in the game. Talk to him, and Link ends up getting roped into the Zelda investigation as a reporter.

Travel to the Woodland Stable in Eldin. You should see Penn chatting with a pair near the stable. After you learn of the troupe’s broken wagon, place some wheels on it using Ultrahand, then call your horse with a Towing Harness equipped.

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With both Mastro and Violynne in the wagon, attach it to your horse’s Towing Harness, then take them up the hill to see Great Fairy Tera. This begins the journey to reunite the traveling music troupe, the Stable Trotters.

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Playing the sound of a horn for Great Fairy Mija

Now that The Stable Trotters are on the move to get the band back together, return to the Snowfield Stable. Talk to Mastro to learn that one of their former members, Eustus, plays the horn. This starts the side adventure, “Serenade to Mija”. Head to the location below.

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Somehow, Eustus crashed his wagon into a crater. Talk to him twice and ask him to sit in the wagon. We have to find a way to get him and his wagon out of the crater, and if you look around, you should see some Zonai devices you can use.

Like most of the physics puzzles, there are multiple ways you can do this. You can attach the platform to the top of the wagon, then stick the hot-air balloons on top and use the Flame Emitters to lift them. You could also aim the fans downward to achieve the same effect. Be ready to use Ultrahand to catch the wagon once it is high enough above the crater.

Return to Snowfield Stable. Talk to Mastro, then attach a roof to the Stable Trotter’s wagon. Like before, you need to pull their wagon up to where Great Fairy Mija is. Watch out for the Bokoblins, and it should be smooth sailing. Congratulations, you have restored another Great Fairy!

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How to Get the Sound of a Horn in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom