How to Get The Queen and the Sea Weapons in Dead Cells

How to Get The Queen and the Sea Weapons in Dead Cells

Dead Cells is an addicting roguelike game. In it, players must go through level after level at which opponents will randomly spawn. A well-developed weapon system can be singled out separately. There are 50 types of weapons in total, but thanks to the level system and buffs, this number increases many times. In this guide, we will tell you about the new types of weapons.

How to Get The Queen and the Sea Weapons

Along with the DLC The Queen and the Sea, 10 new weapons have appeared in the game, which will also randomly drop out and vary by level and buffs. To get access to weapons you need to find blueprints and then use the Cells to unlock them. Most of the blueprints will be dropped by enemies, but a few will have to be looked for in certain places.

  • Scavenged Bombard is a slow and powerful weapon that can stun enemies. You can get his blueprints in Stilt Village by destroying Pirate Captain enemies.
  • Next Leghugger, this weapon summons a cute parasite that attacks enemies. To get the Leghugger you need to research the Prisoner’s Quarters in search of the Letter. Then take it to the Fisherman at Toxic Sewers, who will send you to the Lore room. There, fight an elite enemy and get the Leghugger.
  • Abyssal Trident is a fast and powerful weapon for great streaks. To get it, you must kill opponents in the Infested Shipwreck. At random, you will get 4 pieces of a map that will indicate where to find the key for the closed Lore room. There the desired weapon will be located.
  • With Killing Deck you can become a killer magician. You can get his blueprint by destroying Armored Shrimp.
  • Maw of the Deep is suitable for players who want to fight like an aklua. You will literally fight with a shark in your hands. To unlock it, you will need blueprints that drop from Mutineers.
  • For Hand Hook, you will need to hunt Armored Shrimps until blueprints drop out.
  • Using the Wrecking Ball you will make powerful combos. For blueprints, destroy Servant Calliope.
  • The Gilded Yumi is a monstrously powerful bow. The blueprint for him drops from the Servant Euterpe you kill last.
  • Queen’s Rapier you can get by defeating the new boss The Queen.
  • And the last one is Bladed Tonfas, for the blueprints of which you need to kill Servant Kleio.

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How to Get The Queen and the Sea Weapons in Dead Cells


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