How to Get the Musketeer Hat in Blox Fruits


Roblox is an exciting platform that allows you to play many interesting games. Blox Fruits is one of the best RPGs developed on this platform and it has a huge list of various items you can get. Musketeer Hat is a very useful accessory that increases your damage and decreases cooldown reduction. However, there are lots of players who don’t understand how to obtain this item. So, in this guide, we will tell you how to get the Musketeer Hat in Blox Fruits.

What Is Musketeer Hat in Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits is a Roblox RPG and it has a huge amount of different locations that you can visit. If you explore them you will be able to find lots of interesting items and powerful artifacts. One of them is called Musketeer Hat and it seems to be really useful.

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Musketeer Hat is a legendary accessory that you can get in Roblox Blox Fruits. It increases your sword and gun damage by 12.5%. Also, it decreases their cooldown by the same amount. So, you may want to get such an effective item and we will help you.

How to Get the Musketeer Hat in Blox Fruits

In order to get Musketeer Hat in Blox Fruits, you will need to complete the Citizen’s Quest. It can be obtained from the NPC called Citizen that you can find on the Floating Turtle. You will have to earn Level 1800 if you want to get access to this task. It will ask you to kill some pirates and break through the wall near a giant mushroom. You will find your hat behind this structure.

There are lots of different items that you can get in this Roblox game and hopefully, this guide will help you to obtain the Musketeer Hat. Good luck with your adventures in Blox Fruits!

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How to Get the Musketeer Hat in Blox Fruits


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