How to Get the Modern Bow (Best Bow) In The Forest on Steam Deck

How to Get the Modern Bow (Best Bow) In The Forest on Steam Deck

There are many different ways to kill cannibals and hunt animals in The Forest. One of the best is the modern bow. This bow has the highest damage of all bows and can fire any arrow. In this guide, we will tell you how to get a modern bow in The Forest on Steam Deck.

How to Find and Get a Modern Bow

To find a modern bow, you need to go to cave #7. The road to the bow is the same as to the door in the karst failure. In a large grotto, which is guarded by Virginia – a very dangerous mutant that looks like a spider – you must turn right. At the far end of the cave, there will be a recess under the water. You need to dive there and emerge near the tent. In order to swim, you will need to put on a rebreather. When you emerge near the tent, there will be a modern bow on the boxes near it.

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Why Do I Need a Modern Bow?

As mentioned, the modern bow is the best bow in The Forest. It does a lot more damage and shoots much farther compared to the simple bow. You have to pay for this with the rate of fire, which is very low.

You can use any arrow with this bow. That’s all we can say about the modern bow. Write in the comments about your experience with this weapon!

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How to Get the Modern Bow (Best Bow) In The Forest on Steam Deck


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