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The Depth Meter in Terraria is an informational accessory needed to measure the vertical depth. As well as showing the player’s depth, the Depth Meter can be combined with other items at a Tinkerer’s Workshop to create a GPS. The Depth Meter can be used in the accessory slot, but functions just fine in an inventory slot.

How to Get a Depth Meter

A Depth Meter

Depth Meters can be crafted at a Crafting Station using 10 Copper Bars, 8 Silver Bars, and 6 Gold Bars. They can also be dropped by various entities at a 0.5%-1% drop rate:

  • Cave Bats in the Cavern Layer
  • Crawdads in the Cavern Layer
  • Giant Shellys in the Cavern Layer
  • Salamanders in the Cavern Layer
  • Giant Bats in the Cavern Layer in Hardmode
  • Ice Bats in the Underground Ice Biome
  • Jungle Bats in Underground Jungle Biome and in the Surface Jungle Biome
  • Spore Bats in the Glowing Mushroom Biome

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To create a GPS with the Depth Meter, you will need to combine it with a Gold or Platinum Watch and a Compass at the Tinkerer’s Workshop.

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