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How to get the Berserker Glove in Slap Battles

How to get the Berserker Glove in Slap Battles

Slap Battles is an absurd and chaotic battle game on Roblox where players must slap opponents as hard as they can. Various achievements to gain and types of gloves to unlock including Killstreak, God’s Hand, and The Berserker. Each has its own special effects or abilities.

Check out our guide to see for yourself how to get the Berserker Glove in Slap Battles.

How to Unlock the Berserker Glove in Roblox Slap Battles

In Roblox Slap Battles, players can unlock different gloves that have various stats and abilities. Every glove has its pros and cons and the player can decide which they prefer based on what they look like, the power level, or other abilities they hold.

The Berserker glove was released in March 2023, and is only unlocked once the player has achieved the GO BERSERK badge. This is a pretty tough badge to get but once you do you can say confidently you have gone BERSERK! To ‘Go Berserk’, and unlock the glove, you must be in a public server and survive an attack from a Kinetic user. This Kinetic user must hit you 3 times with Percussive Blasts, at maxed out charge, and you must survive! All this must occur within one life.

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The Berserker Glove (via Roblox User ‘gershifer’)

The Berserker Glove is a powerful glove with a large AOE and a short cooldown. Players charge the glove with power up to 10 times, and at 5 charges or more the slaps have a larger AOE which effects any player within it. The only downsides with this glove is that once it used the power is drained, and it also drains the user’s health when charging up.

That is all you need to know about how to get the Berserker Glove in Roblox Slap Battles. Find more Slap Battles guides in our dedicated section.

Roblox Slap Battles is available to play for free right now!

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How to get the Berserker Glove in Slap Battles


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