How To Get Swift (TM032) in Scarlet and Violet


Scarlet and Violet are incredibly addictive Pokémon titles available for the Nintendo Switch. In them, players will once again take on the role of a young Pokémon Trainer. You will have access to a new region called Paldea and 100 brand-new Pokémon. And during your adventure, you will face different strong opponents. Therefore, this guide will tell you how to get Swift (TM032) in Scarlet and Violet.

What Is Swift (TM032)

There are about 400 different Pokémon in the Paldea region. Some you can find and catch at the beginning of the game, and some will become accessible only after completing all three storylines. Therefore, you have to create a powerful team to win all battles.

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Like any other RPG, in Scarlet and Violet, you have several ways to upgrade your Pokémon. And to make them more suited to your play style, you can train them with different Moves. To do this, you need TMs.

There are many different TMs. All of them can train your Pokémon in certain Moves. And one of the best Normal-type Moves is Swift.

Swift is a Move that has 60 Power and never misses. But we don’t recommend using it against Ghost-type Pokémon, as they are immune to it. And to learn Swift, you have to find TM032.

How To Get Swift (TM032)

TM032 is one of those TMs that is very easy to get. You should follow the storyline, and as soon as you exit the Inlet Grotto, Nemona will give you TM032. You can also find this TM in other places:

  • Near the road northeast of Los Platos.
  • On the cliff north of Inlet Grotto.

Once you receive TM032, you will also learn its crafting recipe. And after that, this TM will appear in the TM Machine list. Here are the resources you will need to craft TM032:

  • Fletchling Feather – 3
  • 200 LP

That’s all you need to know about how to get Swift (TM032) in Scarlet and Violet. Follow our tips, and you will train your Pokémon with this Normal-type Move. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to get Thief (TM018) in Scarlet and Violet.

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How To Get Swift (TM032) in Scarlet and Violet


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