How to Get Sumeru Billets in Genshin Impact

Midlander Billets

Genshin Impact 3.0 further expanded the world of Teyvat by introducing Sumeru, the fourth region. Like every region, Sumeru has a brand new set of craftable weapons. However, players cannot use the same Northlander billets for forging Sumeru weapons. This guide will tell you how you can get Sumeru Billets in Genshin Impact.

How to Obtain Midlander Billets in Genshin Impact

Midlander billets are rare forging materials used for crafting Sumeru’s craftable weapons. Like Northlander billets, Midlander billets can also be obtained by defeating weekly bosses released after Sumeru’s launch. However, there are no new weekly bosses to fight at the time of writing, but players can convert their Northlander billets into Midlander billets.

Players can use any crafting bench to get Midlander billets in Genshin Impact. To craft a Midlander billet, players will need one Northlander billet and two dream solvents. Follow these steps to obtain Midlander billets:

  1. Use a crafting table.
  2. Go to the Convert page.
  3. Scroll down to find the option to convert Northlander billets into Midlander billets.
  4. Click on the desired Midlander billet type to craft.

That’s it. After hitting the convert button, you will get the Midlander billets. With these billets, you can successfully craft Sumeru weapons in Genshin Impact. Midlander billets are used to craft the following weapons in Genshin Impact:

  • Sapwood Blade (Sword)
  • Forest Regalia (Claymore)
  • Moonpiercer (Polearm)
  • Fruit of Fulfillment (Catalyst)
  • King’s Squire (Bow)

How to Unlock Sumeru Craftable Weapons

Sumeru craftable weapons
Aravinay sells sumeru craftable weapon recipes

Like Inazuma craftable weapons, players must do quests to unlock crafting recipes for Sumeru weapons. Players will have to do ‘The World of Aranara’ part of the ‘Aranyaka Part 2’ After completing this quest, do the new ‘Trees and Dreams’ quest to find the Tree of Dreams.

Near the Tree of Dreams, players can find an NPC named Aravinay. This NPC sells Sumeru weapon crafting recipes in exchange for one ‘Stories of You and the Aranara’. Players can get five ‘Stories of You and the Aranara’ by doing various quests under the Aranyaka world quest.

If you have doubts regarding Sumeru billets or craftable weapons, feel free to ask in the comments!

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How to Get Sumeru Billets in Genshin Impact


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