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How to Get Stars in Warcraft Rumble – Guide, Tips & Tricks

How to Get Stars in Warcraft Rumble – Guide, Tips & Tricks
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Stars in Warcraft Rumble are a way of measuring the power and rarity of the units or minis that you can use in the game. There are five tiers of stars, from one star to five stars, with each tier having a different color and shape. The higher the star tier, the stronger and rarer the unit is.

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For example, a one-star unit is standard and has a white circle, while a five-star unit is legendary and has a purple hexagon. You can obtain higher star units by upgrading your lower star units or by buying them from the shop. Higher star units also have more abilities and synergies with other units, making them more effective in battle.

Some of the best five-star units in the game are Baron Rivendare, Tirion Fordring, Grommash Hellscream, and Rend Blackhand. You can also use different builds and strategies based on the units you have and the leader you choose.

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How to level up your units in Warcraft Rumble?

The simplest way to level up your units is to keep playing the game. At the end of each mission, you’ll get some experience for one of the units in your army. It’s not much, but every little bit helps. With six units and the leader to choose from, it won’t be possible to target one of them specifically, but eventually, the one you want will get a boost.

Occasionally, the G.R.I.D. shop will feature a space called an XP Boost. This will give even more XP to the unit as you purchase it. You’ll be able to spend a little bit of gold to move things around in the shop to line up with that XP boost, so if there’s something that you really want to get extra experience, it can be worth it to spend the extra gold.

Quests are the primary way to level up specific units. After getting 14 Onyxia Sigils by beating the first 14 levels, quests are unlocked, and you’ll always have one available. You can choose one of three units and do a quest for them. You’ll play a random map from the pool of maps that you’ve beaten. The enemy will always use that unit or spell you’re doing the quest for – so if your army isn’t good at countering that squad of Footmen, make sure that you change it up so it can.

Quests can be expected, rare, or epic quality, and the better the quality, the more XP is rewarded. As you do quests, you’ll fill up slots on a daily bar that will award you XP Tomes, unit upgrade materials, or (rarely) a unit choice.

XP Tomes will give you a choice between a pair of units, with one always being part of whatever family the Tome is from. For example, if you’ve gotten a Large Undead Tome, you’ll always have at least one Undead option. Whichever unit you choose will gain more experience – with more being awarded if the XP tome is more significant.

Each Tome lets you do this three times. Sometimes, you’ll get extra lucky, and one of those times will randomly double, so watch for fancy golden wings!

If you’re really enjoying Warcraft Rumble, you can also spend real money on a one-time purchase of an Arclight Booster. This runs you about 20 dollars and will permanently increase the amount of gold and XP your account earns. There are also large XP Tomes that can be bought for real money to speed things up but remember that you can’t target units specifically with the Tomes.

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How to boost the units in Warcraft Rumble?

Levelling up your units isn’t the only way to make them stronger. Units have different rarities that award bonus levels and unlock talent slots that give them powerful new abilities. Talents are by far the most significant power boost to your units, so you’ll want to try and focus your gold into upgrading your favorite first.
Even after purchasing your unit from the shop, you’ll be able to buy it again the next time it shows up: each time you do you’ll get a star. Units need three stars to go from Common to Uncommon, 10 stars to go from Uncommon to Rare, 25 stars from Rare to Epic, and another 25 stars to go from Epic to Legendary.
You unlock your first talent point at Uncommon quality. At Rare and Epic, you’ll unlock the second and third talent slots, but you’ll still only be able to use one talent at a time. You’ll just have more flexibility available to you depending on what your needs are in any given map.
You’ll also need Arclight Energy and Power Cores to upgrade your units. You’ll get these resources from running dungeons and from completing daily quests. Just play the game, and you’ll stock up many materials to upgrade units.

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Account Level and How to level up your account in Warcraft Rumble?

In addition to unit levels and rarities, you also have an account level. As this level goes up, you’ll get some gold and increase your experience from all sources.

This will help to keep your units progressing once they get into the higher levels and need much more experience to advance.

Increasing your account level happens in one of two ways. Either by purchasing new units you don’t own, enhancing the quality of ones you already own, or leveling up your units.

This can incentivize you to use your XP Tomes on units you might not use right then but will get a level. Otherwise, you don’t have to go out of your way to increase your account level – the more you play, the higher you’ll get, which leads to more rewards!

Setting those rewards to good use will let you take on the most significant and worst threats that Rumble can throw at you.


Warcraft Rumble is a fun and exciting game that lets you create your own army of Warcraft characters and compete with other players.

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How to Get Stars in Warcraft Rumble – Guide, Tips & Tricks