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How to Get Spins in Roblox Project Ghoul

How to Get Spins in Roblox Project Ghoul
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Roblox Project Ghoul has different weapons for you to use, each with their own unique moveset. CCG characters have access to a few weapons, but if you’re a Ghoul you have lots of options to choose from. In order to get a new weapon, you’ll need to Spin for it, which gives you a random chance of unlocking a new weapon. You start the game out with a few Spins, so today, we’ll show you how to get more spins in Roblox Project Ghoul!

How to Get Spins in Roblox Project Ghoul

You are presented with the option to Spin when you’re creating your character. Spinning will randomly cycle through a list of new weapons for your character to use. CCG characters can only Spin between human and natural half-human, while Ghoul characters have all sorts of weapons they can end up with.

Once you’re out of Spins, you’ll need to gather more if you want more chances at new weapons. The first method of earning more Spins is to claim the daily log-in reward. Logging into Project Ghoul for the first time on a new day will reward you with a bunch of goodies, including Spins!

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The other method of earning more Spins is to redeem limited-time event codes. The developers of Project Ghoul (@MrMark_9, @TheNotDave1, and @community_pg) will occasionally release codes on their Twitter accounts that can be redeemed for Spins and other helpful items. We’ve compiled a list of all the working codes as of April 2022. You can enter these codes from the character customization screen, or from the main menu in-game.

  • 40 Spin codes
    • 47kLikes!
  • 35 Spin codes
    • Sorry!
  • 20 Spin codes
    • Noro!
    • Nutcracker!
  • 15 Spin codes
    • StarcodeBenni
    • Sub2FloatyZone
    • Sub2BokTheGamer
    • Sub2Kakuja
    • subtoAlphamisfits
    • KyleGotNoMaidens
    • Sub2JustYami
    • SubToJay
    • SubToKilik

And of course, you can always just buy more Spins with Robux, the premium currency of Roblox. Aside from that, those are all the ways to get more Spins in Project Ghoul. If you have any other methods you’d like to share, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get Spins in Roblox Project Ghoul


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