How to Get Sharpness 1000 Enchantment in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


Enchantments can enhance your gear in Minecraft in a number of ways, but did you know that you can use cheats to get them past their normal limits? In today’s guide, we’ll be looking at putting an absurd level of the Sharpness enchant on items. Let’s get started with our guide on how to get Sharpness 1000 enchantment in Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

How to Get Sharpness 1000 Enchantment

In the Java Edition of Minecraft, you can easily get yourself a sword or any other item with Sharpness level 1000 on it, which can basically instantly kill anything in the game. All you need to do is type in a console command, but unfortunately, that isn’t possible in the Bedrock Edition.

While console commands do exist in Bedrock Edition, they’re not quite as robust as the commands in the Java Edition, and they don’t allow you to use enchantments past their normal levels. Impossible enchantments can only be acquired through the use of external tools, which means that you can only do this on the PC version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

The most popular external tool for the PC version of Bedrock Edition is Horion, an open-source utility mod. Horion is safe to use, however, we strongly recommend using it only on your own, personal worlds. Do not attempt to use it on public multiplayer servers, as doing so may get your Minecraft account flagged!

You can download Horion on the official website.

Once you have the Horion executable downloaded, run both Minecraft and the executable. Start up your world in Minecraft, open Horion, and you should see an “Inject” button. Click on it, and the executable will inject a DLL into your game instance that allows you to run special commands. If you see a text menu pop up in the top left corner of the game, Horion is running successfully!

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You now have access to all of Horion’s commands. You can type “.help” to see all the commands, but we all know what you’re really here for! First, get the item you want Sharpness 1000 on. Hold it in your hand, then type “.enchant sharpness 1000” and you should now have the ultimate weapon in your hands. You can do this with just about any weapon. Go ahead, make the ultimate stick—you know you want to!

There you go! If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get Sharpness 1000 Enchantment in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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