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How To Get Plasma Cores in State of Survival

How To Get Plasma Cores in State of Survival

Upon reaching level 30 in State of Survival, it is no longer possible to regularly upgrade buildings past this level with the different resources that are widely available during the game. The only way to bring select buildings up to level 35 is by investing Plasma Cores, one of the most difficult resources to get in the entire game.

There are only two ways to obtain this extremely rare resource, and one of them is the common way of all free-to-play games: purchase them with real money. But if you have made it as far as level 30 while keeping microtransactions to a minimum, you probably are more than willing to put in some effort to obtain Plasma Cores by actually playing the game.

How To Obtain Plasma Cores In-Game

The only way to obtain Plasma Cores by actually playing State of Survival is to complete Epic Level Intel Missions. These missions, which can be accessed from the Intel Post, require a Level 30 radar to become available. Once they are unlocked, you can scroll through them to see which ones offer Plasma Cores as reward. Unfortunately, these are just estimated rewards, so you may not get Plasma Cores upon completion. It’s not the most reliable of ways, sadly, but it’s the only way to get them without spending real money.

How To Use Plasma Cores

As already mentioned, Plasma Cores are used to level up certain buildings past level 30. These buildings are the Headquarters, the Barracks, the Hero Precinct, the Range and the Garage. Please note that you will need to upgrade the Headquarters to its first Plasma level before being able to level up all the others. Being able to upgrade the Headquarters past level 31, on the other hand, requires you to upgrade the other buildings to certain levels.

Plasma Improvements for Troop Types

Improving these buildings past level 30 with Plasma Cores requires quite a bit of effort, but the rewards are definitely worth it, as you will start getting improvements for your troops past level 33.

Infantry weapons will get a 25% change of generating a barrier that reduces damage by 36%

Riders will get a new weapon that grants a 10% chance of dealing double damage to any target.

Hunters will get improved rifles that a 20% chance of dealing 50% damage to any target.

As you can see, the improvements are not particularly reliable due to the low chances of activation, but they can definitely make a difference, making obtaining and using Plasma Core something that all high-level players should consider doing.

Plasma Cores Requirements

Now that you have learned everything there is to know about Plasma Cores and the improvements they bring, it is time to learn how many Cores you will need to upgrade your buildings.

Headquarters requires a total of 132 Plasma Cores to reach level 31, 158 to reach level 31, 238 to reach level 32, 250 to reach level 33, and 284 to reach level 34 and 35 once you have gone through all the sublevels. To reach level 31, Headquarters also require Range level 31, level 32 and 33 Garage level 32, level 34 Barracks level 33, level 35 Range 34. For each new level, you also need to level your Hero Precinct to the same level as the headquarters, so for level 31 you need Hero Precinct level 31, and so on.

Hero Precinct needs 66 Plasma Cores for level 30, 79 for level 31, 119 for level 32, 125 for level 33, 142 for level 34 and 35. The Headquarters must also be leveled accordingly, so you need Headquarters level 31 to level up the Hero Precinct to level 30 and so on.

Barracks, Range and Garage have all the same amount of required Plasma Cores to level up. You need 44 for level 30, 53 for level 31, 79 for level 32, 83 for level 33 and 94 for level 34 and 35. Like for the Hero Precinct, you need to level up the Headquarters accordingly, so you need Headquarters level 31 for Barracks, Range and Garage level 32 and so on.

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How To Get Plasma Cores in State of Survival


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