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How to Get Planted Flowers in Merge Mansion

How to Get Planted Flowers in Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion is a fun casual mobile game. The goal of the players is to restore the old grandmother’s mansion. To do this, you need to remove various garbage and open new areas. To create new items needed to complete quests, players merge various items in the garage. The game regularly receives new updates that change the way you get certain items. And in this guide, we will tell you how to get Planted Flowers. Look how pretty they are!

How to Get Planted Flowers

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There are really a lot of different items in Merge Mansion. Some are needed to perform certain actions, and some to restore the mansion. For the garden, you will definitely need several Planted Flowers. Luckily, they can be easily obtained from Planted Bush.

To create a Planted Bush, you must have several Bush Seeds. From them, you can get Seedling. Then merge two Seedlings, and you will get Small Bush. After Small Bush, you can create a Level 1 Bush and then a Level 2 Bush. Now you can start getting the Planted Flowers.

Level 2 Bush has a 92% chance to drop Planted Flower Seed. You need to merge 2 Planted Flower Seeds to get Planted Flower Seedlings. Then two Planted Flower Seedlings will give you a Level 1 Planted Flower Bud. This can then be turned into a Level 2 Planted Flower Bud.

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From now on, for each subsequent merge, you will receive experience. And so, after merging 2 Planted Flower Buds level 2, you will finally get a Planted Flower. However, this item is only level 1. And if you continue to merge the Planted Flower, you can get a level 5 Planted Flower worth 205 coins.

That’s all you need to know about getting the Planted Flower in Merge Mansion. If you still have a question about obtaining certain items, we recommend you take a look at our other guides for this game.

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How to Get Planted Flowers in Merge Mansion


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