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How to Get Plague Rat Skin in Ratopia | Tips & Guide

Are you looking for a way to get the Plague Rat Skin in Ratopia? We've got a method for you to get your hands on this unique piece!

Ratopia has so much to offer, whether you’re a casual or dedicated player. You can explore its immense world and tailor a unique story according to your playstyle. Of course, there are plenty of treasures to uncover, too, and the Plague Rat Skin is one of them.

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Let’s see how you can get the Plague Rat Skin in Ratopia.

Where to find Plague Rat Skin in Ratopia

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There are several steps to complete to win the elusive Plague Rat Skin. Luckily, the reward becomes available relatively early in the game.

The first thing to do is follow the tutorial to the point where the game tasks you with creating the City Entrance. Once you’ve done that, the next important step is to recruit one Ratizen, which unlocks a very important ability: Demolish.

This is the setup for obtaining the Plague Rat Skin. After you have Demolish, construct a ladder and get it as high as possible. Then, while you’re up there, demolish a piece of the lower section—this is to prevent enemies from reaching you during the final step.

Lastly, wait for 48 in-game days. After that, the Plague Rat Skin becomes available to you.

What can you do in Ratopia?

Ratopia is a game with plenty of versatility. It allows you to create an economy from the ground up with individual Ratizens who all have specific traits and economic statuses. But city management isn’t the only aspect of the game.

You can set out and explore the diverse world, including in-depth expeditions. Some of them reveal pieces of ancient history, while others might unleash forgotten horrors. But each adventure is more exciting than the previous one, and helps flesh out the world more.

This concludes everything you need to know about getting the Plague Rat Skin in Ratopia. But before you leave, write us a comment—did you try the described method for getting the infamous skin?


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How to Get Plague Rat Skin in Ratopia | Tips & Guide