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How to Get Past the Clock Tower in Dead Cells

How to Get Past the Clock Tower in Dead Cells
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Clock Tower level in Dead Cells is rather challenging because of more advanced enemies that will give you a hard time but also because of the confusing layout that will often leave you feeling disoriented.

If you’re not sure how to get past the Clock Tower in Dead Cells, stick with this guide and learn everything you need to know to move on from this difficult biome.

How to Get Through the Clock Tower in Dead Cells

The main strategy that you want to use when playing the Clock Tower level in Dead Cells is exploration. Once you get inside (either from the Slumbering Sanctuary or Stilt Village), you will need to find your way across three (or sometimes four) separate towers that are connected at a lower level. Make sure to climb all the way to the top of all towers and activate portals on the way for easier backtracking.

Even though you may not be a completionist who wants to get every scroll and check out every little nook and cranny, you will still need to find the Clockmaker’s Key to get past the Clock Tower, leave this biome, and go fight the Time Keeper.

The Clockmaker’s Key is found in a room that is usually at the top of one of the towers, but once you find it, you will also have to locate the door that leads to the Clock Room i.e. the exit.

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How to Get the Bell Tower Key

To obtain Punishment, the shield weapon with AOE damage, you will need to solve the bell puzzle which drops the Bell Tower Key in the Clock Tower level. As you explore the Clock Tower, you will notice four huge bells in the background that you can hit with arrows.

The key to solving this puzzle is to hit the bells in the ascending order of their pitch. This means that you will have to identify which bell has the lowest pitch and start from there until you hit the one with the highest pitch.

One strategy that helps with this task is to turn down the background music because it may give you hard time when trying to discern the pitch of the bells. Once you get the key, you will need to head back to the locked door with the Punishment blueprint and claim it.

How to Avoid the Clock Tower in Dead Cells

If you cannot live long enough to find the keys and your way out of the Clock Tower, you may try the alternative approach where you don’t need to visit this biome. Instead of entering the Clock Tower, you should go to the Forgotten Sepulcher which can be accessed from the Stilt Village but only after you acquire the Teleportation Rune in the Toxic Sewers.

Let us know how you fare with this challenging section of the game and check out our other Dead Cells guides for more assistance.

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How to Get Past the Clock Tower in Dead Cells


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