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How to Get New Eternal Wings in Roblox Sakura Stand

How to Get New Eternal Wings in Roblox Sakura Stand

Based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the Roblox game Sakura Stand is perfect for any fan of the anime. Players battle it out with others using a whole host of amazing fighting moves, and levelling up to gain more power. Rewards are given out to those who master their moves and become super skilled at the the game! Eternal Wings is one of the much-sought-after rewards in Sakura Stand.

We will show you below how to get new Eternal Wings in Roblox Sakura Stand.

How to Unlock Eternal Wings in Sakura Stand on Roblox

In Sakura Stand, Stands are like a power in a physical form which can fight for you and give you a good deal of moves to help you defeat the enemy. Many Stands are acquired through using Arrows, or a Mysterious Camera, while others are given to players as rewards.

The Eternal Wings is one which is offered to players as a reward. This particular Stand is only for players who are the most dedicated and skilled. it can be claimed from the Masteries menu when you reach the right level.

Eternal Wings (via Roblox / YouTube HW5567)

When player reach Mastery Level 6, the button beside Eternal Wings shows up, and can be tapped to claim the Stand. Once accepted, it appears in the Inventory. New players must be patient as getting to Mastery level 6 will take time. Each Mastery level requires players to reach regular level 50, at which point they can unlock a Mastery level and return to regular level 0, ready to level up again to get to the next Mastery level!

Keep battling and getting as much experience as you can to gain those Mastery Levels, and you will soon reach Mastery Level 6 and claim your own Eternal Wings. The only other way to get Eternal Wing is by trading. If you have something another player wants in your inventory then you can trade to obtain the new Eternal wing. If you are lucky, like the user in the video below, you could be showing off all the amazing colours in this stunning Stand.

That is all you need to know about getting some Eternal Wings in Roblox Sakura Stand. For more hints and tricks in Roblox Sakura Stand, visit our guide section.

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How to Get New Eternal Wings in Roblox Sakura Stand


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