How to Get New Cars, Rims, and Body Kits in Roblox Southwest Florida Update


Southwest Florida is a Roblox experience where players live their lives in a city based off of the real world Bonita Springs in Florida. The game is a mix of driving and role-playing, as players have full control over their cars and can drive all over the town, taking various jobs if they want.

Of course, there are players who prefer to focus solely on the car aspect of the game. Today, we’ll show you how to get new cars, rims, and body kits in Roblox Southwest Florida update!

Buying new cars & customization parts in Roblox Southwest Florida

First, let’s go over the thing that you’re probably here for, and that’s buying new cars. Head over to Sparrow Motorsports, the main dealership in Southwest Florida.

You can get to the dealership by following the map marker on your screen, or you can become a dealership employee, and it’ll automatically warp you to the dealership. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to work there.

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To select a job, tap or click on the briefcase button on the left side of the screen to bring up the jobs list. Look through the list and select the dealership employee job. Choosing a job teleports you to the corresponding store, which is a quick way to get around.

Once you’re at the dealership, go inside and step into the glowing green zone to bring up the buying menu. You can browse all the cars in the game and purchase whatever you like, as long as you’ve got the money.

Next, let’s learn how to customize and tune your car. Head over to either Sunset Performance or Sussy’s Mechanic Shop to get started. Once again, you can either manually drive by following the map markers, or simply take the job to warp there instantly.

Once you’ve arrived at the auto shop, pull into any of the open garages. A blue customize button should appear once your car is parked in the garage.

Pull into the garage and hit that customize button to get started!

In the customization menu, you have three options: Paint, performance, and wheels. Paint lets you change the color and material of your body kit. You can choose from all sorts of colors, but do be aware that the fancier body kit customizations cost Robux.

Performance lets you get under the hood and tune up your car so that it performs better. This is the only category that has an effect on your car’s performance.

If your car’s make and model is compatible with different body kits, you can also purchase new ones here in the performance menu. You have to scroll all the way through the performance categories to find it, as it’s all the way at the end.

Finally, the last thing you can customize are your car’s wheel rims. Similar to the paint, the different rims do not affect your car’s performance. All those cool wheel designs are simply for looks.

That concludes our guide on how to get new cars, rims, and body kits in Roblox Southwest Florida update. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get New Cars, Rims, and Body Kits in Roblox Southwest Florida Update


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