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How to Get Mysterious Fossil in Travel Town

How to Get Mysterious Fossil in Travel Town
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One of the greatest things in Travel Town is how the list of items keeps expanding as you play. Progressing through the game means, among other things, unlocking new items and achievements. The Mysterious Fossil is among the most elusive items in Travel Time.

Getting the Mysterious Fossil will require some luck and a considerable time investment. You might also need to find an alternative way to get more energy—as described in our guide. Let’s see what you need to do to get your hands on this rare item.

How do you get the Mysterious Fossil on Travel Town?

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Your first step in the search for the Mysterious Fossil will be to get the Island Producer. To do that, you’ll need to use the Beach Bucket Producer until you get two Mysterious Letters. Note that the Mysterious Letters are quite rare, so it may take you a while to get two of them. Still, they’ll be worth the wait.

Merging two Mysterious Letters will create the Island Producer, which will be essential for the rest of the process. Namely, the producer will give you a fossil piece, which is also a rare item and will take relatively long to get. But this isn’t the fossil you’re looking for.

To get the Mysterious Fossil, you’ll need to merge two fossils. Now, you might think that getting the second fossil will be a matter of tapping on the Island Producer until you get lucky. The fact is, the second piece will require a bit of extra effort.

When you find one fossil, a special order will be unlocked. You’ll receive the second piece only after you complete that order. After that, you’ll need to complete another mystery order and combine the fossils you’ve received so far. This will, finally, get you the Mysterious Fossil!

Once you get the Mysterious Fossil, you’ll have no use for fossil items. At that point, they’ll be useful only for selling, as you can only have one Mysterious Fossil per playthrough.

This concludes our guide on how to get the Mysterious Fossil in Travel Town. If you’re looking for more tip and tricks for other games, feel free to browse our Game Guides section. Or jump into our News articles to learn what’s brewing in the gaming industry’s kitchens!

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How to Get Mysterious Fossil in Travel Town