Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster

After Tokyo has been remade into the Vortex World in Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster, you have been turned into the Demi-Fiend that will alter the destiny of the world, but at the very beginning of your journey, you will be rather weak, compared to the demons that roam the land. Thanks to the Magatama, however, you can become as powerful as you desire, learning a variety of skills that will allow you to challenge the most powerful creatures around.

Here’s how to get the Murakumo Magatama and which skills you can learn by ingesting it.

How to Get the Murakumo Magatama in Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster

The Murakumo Magatama is among the most useful Magatama found in the game and, as such, it’s not exactly easy to get a hold of it. To obtain this Magatama, you will need to defeat the four Oni found in Ikebukuro Tunnel – Kin-Ki, Sui-Ki, Fuu-Ki, and Ongyo-Ki. Once you take down the last of them, the Magatama will be yours.

Murakumo’s Skills

The Murakumo Magata is unique among all of the Magatama available in the game, as it is mostly geared toward support, allowing the Demi-Fiend to learn some skills that will essentially make him immune to all status ailments. Stats bonuses are also quite balanced, as Murakumo grants a +4 bonus in Strength, Magic and Agility and a +1 in Vitality and Luck. It also makes the Demi-Fiend resistant to Physical attacks but weak to Fire and Ice damage.

If you let the Murakumo Magatama continue to act violently upon level up, you may either heal fully or get cursed.

Find all the skills the Murakumo Magata can make the Demi-Fiend learn below.

  • Void Mind – Grants immunity to mind attacks, overriding natural weaknesses.
  • Void Nerve – Grants immunity to nerve attacks, overriding natural weaknesses.
  • Chaos Blade – Small physical damage to random targets with 30% chance of causing panic. Power depends on Max HP.
  • Void Curse – Grants immunity to curse attacks, overriding natural weaknesses.

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