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How To Get More Revives – Pokemon GO Guide

How To Get More Revives – Pokemon GO Guide
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Revives are crucial in Pokemon GO. Unlike the core games, there aren’t Pokemon Centers for you to heal your team, so you are genuinely reliant on being able to collect Revives for sustainability. That is important if you wish to participate in defeating the Team Rocket trainers of the game. Some of the higher-level grunts will quickly destroy your party members. Such tribulations aren’t helpful if you want to use those for GO League and Gym matches, as fainted Pokemon cannot battle. Fortunately, if you know where to get Revives, fainted Pokemon will not be an issue. This is how to get more Revives in Pokemon GO.

How To Use PokeStops In Pokemon GO

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One of the best supply points for Revives is to spin lots and lots of PokeStops you see on your walks. These are the formations seen throughout the maps with a console structure on the bottom and a large PokeBall icon on the top. They are blue in color but if you spin them they will turn purple and be unable to spin again for a few minutes. When it replenishes, it will turn back to blue. You can usually find PokeStops near popular landmarks. Besides Revives, PokeStops offer things like extra PokeBalls and sometimes rare items such as evolution stones.

How To Open Gifts In Pokemon GO

Another way to stock up on Revives is to open the gift packages you get from people on your friend list. When you have friends added to your account, they can send you gifts that contain a random assortment of goodies. These are the pyramid-shaped boxes with a purple bow on top you may have found you accumulated. You can’t open these yourself, as they are meant to be given away.

A trainer with Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

To gift one, go to your friend list by tapping your avatar icon in the bottom left corner of the main screen. Tap the column on the right that says, Friends. Tap on a Friends profile and you will see under their level bar a Gift icon. Hit this and choose a Gift to send them. If you sent them one previously and it isn’t opened, you won’t be able to send a new one.

If you get a Gift from a friend, make sure to give one back as a courtesy for their generosity. For more advice on success in Pokemon GO, check out Touch Tap Play’s other topics on the game!

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How To Get More Revives – Pokemon GO Guide


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