How to Get Mastery Rank Fast in Warframe

How to Get Mastery Rank Fast in Warframe

In Warframe, you can upgrade weapons, Warframes and Mastery Rank. This can be called the overall rating of your entire gameplay. And it does not upgrade like your equipment. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get it fast.

How to Get Mastery Rank Fast

To begin with, you can only speed up the rise of the level, but not get it done in a couple of days or even months, since you have to play a lot. This Rank unlocks new Warframe weapons and different features for you. For example, 4 Mastery Rank will open the Hek shotgun. Currently, the maximum rank is 30.

To raise the Mastery Rank, you need to collect Mastery Points. By raising the level of the weapon to 30, you get 3,000 Points. And for the 30th level of the Warframe, you will earn 6,000 Points. In other words, create and level up equipment.

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It doesn’t matter if you need Weapons and Frames, maybe you even hate them, just create them, raise the level to level 30, and get the points you deserve. Then you can destroy them and create new ones.

You can find many blueprints in your clan’s dojo laboratories. You cannot avoid the grind. Helene on Saturn is a great option for quickly ranking Frames or Weapons.

Your Gears are better to level up during the Double Affinity Event. For more efficiency, buy Affinity Booster in the Market for 40 Platinum. This way you will earn 4 times more affinity.

We can summarize that this is not a fast process, but following our advice, you can increase your Mastery Rank faster.

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How to Get Mastery Rank Fast in Warframe


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