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How to Get Married in The Sims Mobile

How to Get Married in The Sims Mobile
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There’s a lot of features to admire about The Sims as a franchise but also as one of the best Real Life simulation games ever developed.

One of the most exciting things to do in the game is the ability to befriend and get married to other Sims and even go on to start a family.


It can take a while to accomplish this in other Sim titles but it is relatively easy to accomplish in The Sims Mobile. So without further ado, this brief guide article will show you to get married in The Sims Mobile.

Step by Step Process on Getting Married in The Sims Mobile

Step 1 – Reach Level 10

There are certain items that you’ll need to purchase before you can get married. However, you cannot purchase those items until you’ve reached atleast level 10. So once you’ve reached this level, you are ready to commence your marriage preparations.

Step 2 – Level up your relationship with a Sim to level 10

Like pretty much every Sims game ever made, there are relationship stages from Acquaintance, Friend, Good Friend, Best Friend, and so on. So, if you’re looking to marry a Sim, you must build a romantic relationship with them and nurture it to up to level 10.

Of course you cannot get someone to agree to marrying you by friendly interactions alone. You must also be a romantic Sim to the Sim you want to make your spouse. And you can achieve this by having romantic conversations with them.

Once you’ve built this romantic relationship up to level 10, you’ll become soulmates with the Sim and you’ll be ready to get married to them.

Step 3 – You’ll need up to three level 2 friends

You’ll need about three level 2 friends before getting married so you don’t get married all by yourself. We advice doing this by getting to befriend other Sims even before starting a romantic relationship.

This way you won’t even have to make new friends and you may have more than 3 friends that have passed level 2. It’s an easy step to get around.

Step 4 – Proposal time

Once you’re ready, just approach the Sim or invite them over to your house and propose to them. Afterwards you’ll get a wedding quest pop-up.

Step 5 – Buying the wedding decorations

Now you’ll have to purchase the necessary decorations for the wedding. You simply need to get the usual items needed for a wedding such as a Wedding Arch, Floral Pillar and Widowed Rose Lattice.

And remember, you can’t decide to buy and keep these items. You must be atleast level 10 before you can purchase the items. Don’t worry about writing them somewhere or remembering them, the store will indicate them as the necessary items you need t get married.

Step 6 – Fulfill the wedding quests

There are three quests to fulfill and you already fulfilled one by making three level 2 friends. As for the second, you can choose to interact with your Sim’s partner reassure that they don’t have cold feet about the wedding.

The third one is to interact with a table and select the option to work on your wedding vows.

Step 7 – Wedding Day!

Once all the above steps have been followed and all the requirements have been met, you can now select the Wedding Arch and choose to get married with your Sim’s soulmate.


That’s all you need to do in order to get married in The Sims Mobile. It is a straightforward step but can a couple hours of gameplay to get there. But once you get married, you’ll be able to build a family and experience the thrill of having a spouse.

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How to Get Married in The Sims Mobile


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