How to Get Ludicolo in Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go is one of the best games in the famous Pokemon franchise. This product allows you to become a real Pokemon Trainer that travels around the world, visits different regions, catches lots of Pokemon, and trains them. The game has a huge roster of Pokemon that you can catch and train to make them stronger. It seems that there are lots of players who want to catch Ludicolo. This creature is quite powerful and it belongs to the Water and Grass types. This guide will tell you how to obtain Ludicolo in Pokemon Go.

How to Obtain Ludicolo in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a game that is filled with different Pokemon. In order to obtain all of them, you will have to participate in different activities or events that reward you with Pokemon encounters. Also, you can meet some Pokemon in the wild.

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Ludicolo in Pokemon Go is a powerful creature of the Water and Grass types. So, it is vulnerable to attacks of the Flying, Poison, and Bug types. Also, it is strong against the Ground, Steel, and Water types.

In order to obtain Ludicolo in Pokemon Go, you will have to catch Lotad. After that, you will need to evolve it into Lombre. This creature can be turned in Ludicolo after you train it. Lotad has an increased chance to spawn during rainy weather. Also, you are able to feed this Pokemon with a golden raspberry which makes it easier to catch this creature.

If you don’t want to search for Lombre in the wild then you can try to encounter Ludicolo in raids. There you will need to create a team that is strong against this creature. In order to defeat this Pokemon, you should use those who are able to perform attacks of the Flying, Bug, and Poison types.

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How to Get Ludicolo in Pokemon Go


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