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How to Get Leviathan Crown in Blox Fruits – Tips & Tricks

How to Get Leviathan Crown in Blox Fruits – Tips & Tricks
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Blox Fruits is a super popular Roblox game, and it’s just got a cool new Update 20. This update brings loads of exciting stuff, like new islands, special events, and some awesome accessories, including the Leviathan Crown.

In Update 20 of Blox Fruits, there’s a brand new raid boss called Leviathan. Plus, players can now grab the Leviathan Crown and Leviathan Shield to level up their gear. If you’re a high-level player looking to dive into all this fresh content, one of your top priorities should be getting the Leviathan Crown, and this guide is here to help you do just that.

Blox Fruits: Leviathan Crown Location and Crafting Guide

The Leviathan Crown is a rare Legendary accessory in Blox Fruits. To obtain it, you’ll need to find an NPC called Beast Hunter, who can be found in Tiki Outpost, a new island added in Update 20. Look for the green and white building next to the Boat dealers, and go up the stairs inside to locate Beast Hunter.

Blox Fruits - Beast Hunter NPC
Image via Blox Fruits

Once you have found him, chat with the Beast Hunter NPC. He holds the recipe for crafting the Leviathan Crown. Select the Leviathan Crown in his menu to check the items required for creating this legendary accessory. To craft the Leviathan Crown in Blox Fruits, you will need to gather the following items:

  • 1 Dark Fragment – A Mythical item dropped by Darkbeard raid boss
  • 10 Leviathan Scales – A Legendary material dropped by new Leviathan raid boss.
  • 5 Electric Wings – A Rare item dropped by Piranhas.

Collecting Leviathan Scales will require you to fight the Leviathan boss multiple times. Once you have all the items, simply craft the Leviathan Crow by talking to the Beast Hunter NPC.

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The Leviathan Crown is a fantastic accessory for battling ocean foes. It boosts your melee attacks, helps you heal faster, and improves your chances of getting more loot during sea events, such as the Leviathan raid boss. Most importantly, it lets you deal extra damage to these sea challenges.

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How to Get Leviathan Crown in Blox Fruits – Tips & Tricks