How to Get Legendary Rank in Cod Mobile – Guide and Tips


There are two ranked systems in Call of Duty: Mobile. One for the “Multiplayer” mode, the second for the “Battle Royale.” Both systems help to divide players into groups with similar skills and levels of play. This allows making the game interesting and accessible to everyone.

“Legendary” is the highest rank in COD Mobile and is quite difficult to obtain. For the Legendary rank, you need to get over 6501 points.

In Call of Duty Warzone, you can earn extra experience points for completing certain activities such as collecting items, knocking down enemy players, killing, completing contracts, completing daily tasks, and more.

Levels in Call of Duty: Mobile

In the multiplayer shooter Call of Duty: Mobile, there are several ways to get extra experience to speed up the level up to Legendary.

1. Use a weapon with an experience buff. Some special weapon skins add an experience bonus when killing an enemy player. You can use one of these to get more experience in matches than with regular guns.

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2. Play long modes. It’s no secret that winning in Call of Duty: Mobile brings more experience than losing, but it’s not always possible to predict the outcome of a match. However, you can accumulate additional experience, win or lose in two ways – by accumulating kills and by increasing the length of the match. Killing enemies is the main way to gain experience in CoD: Mobile, so try to use aggressive tactics rather than hide in a secluded place while waiting for the match to end. In addition, the longer the match lasts, the more experience you can accumulate. This means that to get the maximum amount of “exp,” you need to choose the longest modes, such as “Domination” or “Royal Battle.”

3. Join a clan. Clans are groups of players who play Call of Duty: Mobile together. You can create your own or join one of the many available. Joining a clan will give you an additional bonus experience for each match played.

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How to Get Legendary Rank in Cod Mobile – Guide and Tips


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