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How to Get Legendary Dwellers in Fallout Shelter

How to Get Legendary Dwellers in Fallout Shelter
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You can meet all sorts of people while trying to survive the nuclear wasteland, some strong and capable and others… not so capable. When trying to build a new life in an underground shelter you will need some brains and muscle to help grow a community. In Fallout Shelter some of the most helpful survivors are legendary Dwellers, with boosted stats and great outfits or weapons.

There are 23 Legendary Dwellers to find in Fallout Shelter, and we can show you how to get any of these Dwellers for your shelter.

How to Find Legendary Dwellers for Fallout Shelter

There is a chance to unlock any of the 23 Legendary Dwellers for Fallout Shelter by purchasing or obtaining a Lunchbox. Lunchboxes can be bought from the Shop or obtained as rewards for completing Objectives. Three Legendary Dwellers can be found by completing Quests via the Overseer’s Office.

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Unfortunately, this is the only way to get Legendary Survivors in your shelter as they won’t just turn up at your Vault Door like other survivors will. Legendary Dwellers come with a legendary outfit and a rare weapon which can be take and put on another Dweller if you so wish. Legendary Dwellers have a total of 40 SPECIAL Points, making them extra useful to have around. No Legendary Dweller is unique and you could collect many of the same Dweller!

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All Legendary Dwellers in Fallout Shelter

NameWeaponOutfitHow to Obtain
Abraham WashingtonLincoln’s RepeaterAbraham’s RelaxedwearLunchbox
Allistair TenpennyVictory RifleTenpenny’s SuitLunchbox
AmataLone WandererN/ALunchbox
BittercupN/ABittercup’s OutfitLunchbox
ButchLone WandererTunnel Snake’s OutfitLunchbox
Colonel AutumnSmuggler’s EndAutumn’s UniformLunchbox
Confessor CromwellN/AConfessor Cromwell’s RagsLunchbox
Dr. LiN/AExpert Lab CoatLunchbox
Ed the GhoulEd’s Custom Power FistRobCo R&D SuitLunchbox
Elder LyonsSmuggler’s EndElder RobeLunchbox
Eulogy JonesBlackhawkEulogy Jones’ SuitLunchbox
HarknessInfiltratorHeavy Battle ArmorLunchbox
JamesWild Bill’s SidearmExpert Lab Coat Lunchbox
JerichoInfiltratorHeavy Leather ArmorLunchbox
Lucas SimmsInfiltratorSheriff’s DusterLunchbox
Moira BrownN/AExpert JumpsuitLunchbox
Mr. BurkeWild Bill’s Sidearm Lucky Formal WearLunchbox
Old LongfellowHenriettaTattered LongcoatLunchbox
PiperN/APiper’s OutfitLunchbox
Preston GarveyLaser MusketMinuteman UniformQuest
Sarah Lyons Wazer WifleT-51f Power ArmorQuest
Scribe RothchildLone WandererScribe Rothchild’s RobeLunchbox
Star Paladin CrossSmuggler’s End T-51f Power ArmorLunchbox
Three DogN/AThree Dog’s OutfitQuest

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How to Get Legendary Dwellers in Fallout Shelter


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