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How to get Knotroot in Lego Fortnite

How to get Knotroot in Lego Fortnite
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Do you need it to craft Knotroot Rods in Lego Fortnite? I will help you find out where and how to get Knotroot.

How to get Knotroot in Lego Fortnite?
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Knootroot is a vital resource in Lego Fortnite that is necessary for upgrading equipment and structures.

It can be challenging to locate Knootroot, and you will also require an Uncommon Forest Axe to chop it down after discovering it. To assist you, we have provided a guide on how to obtain Knootroot in Lego Fortnite below.

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What is Knootroot in Lego Fortnite, and how do you get it?

To obtain Knootroot in Lego Fortnite, locate a cave where it grows. To harvest the Knootroot, you must use a Forest Axe of Uncommon quality or higher.

Caves Location in Fortnite Lego.
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You can craft the Forest Axe at your Crafting Bench after upgrading it once with shells and wooden rods.

Caves are indicated on your map with a cave symbol. We had success finding caves in Grasslands biomes covered in grass.

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Press the button to enter the cave and look for Knootroot, a root-like structure on the cave walls.

How to Craft Uncommon or Higher-quality Forest Axe in Fortnite Lego

Uncommon Forest Axe recipe:

  • Three pieces of Wooden Rods.
  • Three pieces of Bones.

Wooden Rods: You can obtain wooden rods by using wood at the Lumber Mill.

Bones: To obtain bones in the game, you need to kill Skeleton enemies. These enemies usually spawn at night.

Tip*: If you encounter a group of Skeletons, running back to your village and letting your villagers handle them is better.

Hint*: Before crafting Uncommon Forest Axe, you must upgrade your Crafting Bench!
The required materials to upgrade your Crafting Bench for the first time are:

  • Three Shells.
  • Eight Planks.

Planks can be obtained by converting wood at the Lumber Mill.

However, Shells are more challenging to get as you need to find and defeat Roller enemies to collect their shells.

How to collect Shells in Fortnite Lego

Rollers are frequently found in Grassland biomes but are challenging to spot as they look like granite. To identify a Roller, look for a green leaf sticking out of the top of a granite slab.

Rollers in Fortnite Lego.
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While killing Rollers without any protection is possible, crafting a Knight Shield to defend yourself from their rolling attacks is recommended. These attacks can also knock Rollers onto their backs, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

Shield against Rollers in Fortnite Lego.
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To craft a Knight Shield, you will need:

  • Five Planks
  • One Cord

Cords for crafting Knight Shields can be easily obtained by chopping down bushes and stalks of corn at the Spinning Wheel.

Now, with an equipped Uncommon Forest Axe, find the cave and get Knootroot, finally!

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How to get Knotroot in Lego Fortnite


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