How to Get Invisible Item Frames in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

How to Get Invisible Item Frames in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft is one of the most famous and iconic games in the entire industry. It is a survival simulator where you will need to play in a stylish cube world, prepare a lot of food for your character, build a house, and fight different monsters. There are lots of opportunities for those who like to build houses and Item Frames are a very fascinating feature. They allow you to put any item on the wall. However, there are players who prefer to see only the item they’ve put and they search for a way to make these frames invisible. It was relatively easy in the earlier versions of Minecraft. But these methods won’t work in Bedrock Edition and today we are going to help you.

How to Make Items Frames Invisible in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Item Frames in Minecraft is an interesting item that you can put on different walls. You are able to put any item in such a frame and make a cool decoration with it. However, there are lots of players who would like to make these item frames invisible and see only the items they’ve put there. Such a feature would allow them to make really interesting decorations like a clock or a sword on the wall. However, those who play Minecraft Bedrock Edition are unable to make their Item Frames invisible like in other versions.

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The only way to make Item Frames invisible in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is to install a recourse pack that is able to do it. In order to do it, you will need to search for different resource packs for Minecraft Bedrock Edition and find the one that makes Item Frames invisible. Then you will need to download it and install it on your Minecraft. After that, you will be able to enable this pack and make your Item Frames invisible.

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How to Get Invisible Item Frames in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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