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How to Get Infused Orb in New World

How to Get Infused Orb in New World

Players in New World can craft all sorts of helpful items using the various professions. Once you reach the endgame, you’ll be constantly trying to upgrade your Expertise, which improves your overall gear score. To help improve your Expertise, you can make several items, one of which is the Infused Orb. Today, we’ll show you how to get Infused Orb in New World!

Crafting Infused Orbs in New World

To craft an Infused Orb, you must first seek out a Gypsum Kiln. Infused Orbs are handled by the same types of materials you use for Gypsum Orbs, so you’ll need to use the same kiln for it. You can find Gypsum Kilns in high-level settlements, like Reekwater and Ebonscale Reach.

Much like the Gypsum Orbs, there are several types of Infused Orbs you can create, each with their own unique type of gear. Instead of minerals and ores like the Gypsum Orbs use, you will use legendary gear fragments to craft Infused Orbs.

There are five different types of Infused Orbs, and each type requires a varying amount of legendary fragments to craft. Here are all five types:

  • Arcane: 2 legendary Infused Arcane Fragments
  • Armor: 6 legendary Infused Armor Fragments
  • Engineer: 4 legendary Infused Engineer Fragments
  • Jewelry: 2 legendary Infused Jewelry Fragments
  • Weapon: 4 legendary Infused Weapon Fragments

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To acquire legendary fragments, you need to perfect salvage a piece of tier V gear that matches the category you want. For example, netting a perfect salvage on a tier V weapon will result in legendary Infused Weapon Fragments.

Whenever you salvage unwanted items, it may randomly become a perfect salvage. You will receive additional materials when a perfect salvage happens, including research materials, scraps, orbs, and fragments.

So, what do you do with Infused Orbs? Well, you can treat them exactly like Gypsum Orbs, meaning you can use them to craft an extra Cast every day. If you’re looking to get lots of Expertise bumps, Infused Orbs can help greatly.

That concludes our guide on how to get Infused Orb in New World. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get Infused Orb in New World


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