The Ice Sickle is a hardmode melee type weapon in Terraria that you can use to deal with medium to close-range enemies, inflicting sustained damage. It is a great weapon that you can use in many battle scenarios. But before that, you must know how to get the Ice Sickle in Terraria. 

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How to Get Ice Sickle in Terraria

The Ice Sickle is a scarce drop you can get by defeating enemies in the Snow biome, aka Tundra, and the Ice biome, aka Underground Tundra. So, which enemies drop the Ice Sickle?

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Here is the complete list of mobs that have a chance to drop the Ice Sickle in Terraria:

  • Armored Vikings
  • Ice Elementals
  • Ice Tortoises
  • Icy Mermen

Now talking about the drop rate, there is a 0.56% chance of obtaining the Ice Sickle, which also translates to 1/180

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Farming a mob that you are familiar with, exhausts fewer resources (Ammunition, Health, etc.), and is easy to defeat should be your priority. We like to farm the Armored Vikings for an Ice Sickle drop. 

You can also do the same or farm the other three enemies, the Ice Elementals, Ice Tortoises, or the Ice Mermen, to obtain the Ice Sickle.

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That being said, here are some details on the Ice Sickle that will help you in deciding whether it’s worth the farm or not:

  • Damage
    • 50 melee
    • 25 projectile
    • 40 melee (On Nintendo 3DS)
  • Knockback – 5.5 (average)
  • Critical chance – 4%
  • Use time – 25 (fast)
  • Velocity – 12
  • Tooltip – Shoots an icy sickle
  • Rarity – Pink
  • How much it sells for – Five Gold Coins

That is it. That concludes our guide on how to get an Ice Sickle in Terraria. 

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How to Get Ice Sickle – Terraria Guide


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