How to Get Hippogriff Patronus in Wizarding World

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Even though many gamers stopped using Wizarding World, the release of Hogwarts Legacy returned popularity to this popular platform. Millions of people are creating Wizarding World accounts to improve their gameplay in Hogwarts Legacy. And by reading this guide, you will find out how to get Hippogriff Patronus in Wizarding World.

How to Unlock Hippogriff Patronus

The only way to get Hippogriff Patronus is to complete The Patronus Quiz while creating your Wizarding World profile. It is a particular test that includes seven unique questions without correct answers. While completing The Patronus Quiz, your answers estimate which Patronus you will get. 

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Check the list below to find out the necessary answer to get Hippogriff:

  • Question №1 – Discover, Shine, Thorn, Rain, Seek
  • Question №2 – Salt, Blood, Improve, Rough, Cold, Shadow
  • Question №3 – Prowl, Lead, Think, Stone, Under
  • Question №4 – Alone, Lost, Why, Sometimes, Free, Silent
  • Question №5 – Listen, Hope, Black Mind, Advice
  • Question №6 – Hunt, Deep, Awake, Frost, Ripple, Sharp
  • Question №7 – Legend, Jinx, Glory, Bewitch, Impossible

Can You Change Patronus in Wizarding World?

You have only one try to get the desired Patronus. If you fail, it will be impossible to change your choice and opt for the Patronus one more time. The only option to get a new Patronus in Wizarding World is to create a new profile and complete The Patronus Quiz one more time.

Does Patronus Affect Hogwarts Legacy?

Patronus doesn’t affect Hogwarts Legacy. They are featured in your Wizarding World profile, and it is impossible to see a chosen patronus while playing the game.

That’s it with getting Hippogriff Patronus in Wizarding World. As you can see, it can be obtained by completing The Patronus Quiz like any other patronus in the game. But it doesn’t affect your gameplay in Hogwarts Legacy. And if you want to read more guides about this game, feel free to check our article on how to get Mallowsweet Leaves in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Get Hippogriff Patronus in Wizarding World


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