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How to get Heroes in Frozen City – Guide

How to get Heroes in Frozen City – Guide

Frozen City is part city building survival game and strategy RPG. You’re in charge of the last safe haven on earth, and you need to balance materials and manpower to ensure your city is running well.

Eventually, you’ll gain heroes, who are like survivors but with special powers. Heroes can boost the effectiveness of facilities and also fight for you in the level battles. Today, we’ll show you how to get heroes in our Frozen City guide.

Getting heroes in Frozen City

Once you get to the second city Valley Town, you will unlock your first hero automatically. Heroes are special survivors that can be assigned to specific buildings, and they grant powerful buffs like increased material output, faster production time, and more.

The first hero you get is Stella, and she’s assigned to the hospital. She increases the amount of health survivors recover while resting in the hospital, and she heals her allies in a level battle.

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Heroes can be leveled up with Wishing Stars, a currency that can be earned from completing tasks and clearing level battles on the world map.

Heroes sound great, but how does one exactly get more of them? The main method of acquiring new heroes is to complete the main city tasks. If you look under your current tasks, you’ll notice that some of them reward you with chests upon completion.

Opening chests will net you an assortment of goodies, including Wishing Stars, gems, and of course new heroes. Chests come in different rarities, and the rarer chests contain more stuff. You can tap on a chest to see what’s inside.

Chests can also be purchased from the in-game shop, and it costs gems to do so. Gems are premium currency of the game, and they can be earned in-game by completing tasks, or purchased with real money. Spend your gems wisely!

We hope that answers your questions about how to get heroes in Frozen City. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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How to get Heroes in Frozen City – Guide


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