How to get Hearts in Purrfect Tale

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Cods and Hearts are the two most useful resources in Purrfect Tale. Unlike Cods, however, Hearts are not so easy to obtain. Hearts are used to unlock new chapters in the story mode, aka Journal. You will also need hearts if you want to buy specific furniture items, open capsules, and purchase some clothes.

How to get Hearts in Purrfect Tale

The first thing you can do to get some easy Hearts is watching advertisements. Tap on the heart icon on the lower-left corner of the home screen, where you will find three sections; the first one on the top grants free hearts daily. You will obtain one heart every day in this section. In the second section, tap on the claim for free button to obtain three hearts, where you will have to watch a 30-second advertisement to obtain hearts. The third is a free capsule that may contain hearts as well as a bonus/surprise gift. Watch a 30-second advertisement to open this capsule for free.

Increasing affection level with your cats earns you hearts as rewards. Play various mini-games with your cats to obtain yellow hearts while reaching new affection levels to obtain hearts.

While playing the claw machine game, pick up any heart-shaped toys that you find to obtain hearts. You can also claim hearts as Daily Rewards on specific days, receiving hearts on day 2, day 4, as well as day 7. More free hearts can be obtained by pressing the “Claim Rewards” button on the top-right corner of a WeCat post, and then tapping the “Claim for free” button, giving you three hearts and thirty cods.

Are there any methods of obtaining hearts that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to get Hearts in Purrfect Tale


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