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How to Get Green Pearl in Palia

How to Get Green Pearl in Palia
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Are you trying to complete the Vault of the Waves Beach Bundle in Palia, and the only item missing is the elusive Green Pearl? Yes, that one was tricky for me as well. Besides the Green Pearl, this bundle has you looking for Stripeshell Snail, Blue Marlin, and Sushi, but the most difficult to obtain out of all these items is that verdant beauty.

Since it’s the Beach Bundle we’re talking about, the most logical conclusion is that all these items can be found somewhere along the coast. However, if you need more specific instructions on how to get Green Pearl in Palia, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s go hunting for some pearls!

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Where to find Green Pearl in Palia

In Palia, Green Pearls can be found inside Unopened Oysters that you can forage in the Bahari Bay. Unopened Oysters are scattered all over the coastline, but you have the most luck finding them in Coral Shores and Beachcomber Cave.

Green Pearl location in Palia
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The good news is that you can find Unopened Oysters regardless of the time of the day. However, the bad news is that they will probably give you everything else but the Green Pearl that you’re looking for. Unfortunately, the drop rate for Green Pearls from Unopened Oysters in Palia is only 3%. That means that you probably have to collect quite a few of them before you stumble upon one Green Pearl required to complete the Beach Bundle.

Still, you shouldn’t feel bad. Unopened Oysters give other valuable resources, like Oyster Meat and regular pearls, which you can sell for 9 and 70 Gold, respectively, so you still get out of this scavenger hunt with fuller pockets. If you are lucky enough to find several Green Pearls, you can keep one to progress the story by completing the Beach Bundle and sell others or gift them to other players who were not so lucky. The current retail price for Green Pearls is 145 Gold.

We wish you good fortune while hunting for pearls! If you require more assistance with some other collectibles or a challenging quest, make sure to explore the rest of our dedicated Palia section.

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How to Get Green Pearl in Palia