How To Get Grass Knot (TM081) in Scarlet and Violet

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Apart from being able to upgrade your Pokémons to make them stronger, there are also lots of ways you can enhance their abilities or even give them new ones in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. And you can do that by making your Pokémon learn new moves.

TMs allow you to do just that in the game. And the Grass Knot is a special attack damage dealer move that starts out with a base PP of 20 but has many uses along the line. The Grass Knot is also unique in that it has no standard base power and relies on the weighted stat of an enemy. So in this guide, we’re showing you how to get Grass Knot (TM081) in Scarlet and Violet.

How To Get Grass Knot (TM081) in Scarlet and Violet

The base power of 20 is often used for the lightest Pokémon but if you’re battling a more powerful unit of Pokémon, Grass Knot TM will come in handy because any opponent weighing 440lbs (200 kg) or more will be hit with a base power of 120. So if you’re going up against an opponent with Grass Knot TM, size doesn’t always matter.


Grass Knot TM is behind an alleyway in a nestled plaza that’s not very easy to find. So to get there, you have to go to the eastern Mesagoza Pokémon center. Your compass will come in handy for the trip since the green arrow on your mini-map always points north.

So if you have your mini-map ready, walk towards town, and take the hill up going west. Then at the top of the hill, there is a fork that goes left or right, you go left. Then run alongside the orange trees by the two cafes to remain on the upper path. If you notice you’ve passed the palm tree or the next intersection, then you’ve gone too far.


Run towards the handrails where you’ll see an alley, then take the alley going north. There’s a turn into the plaza that’ll be on your right. Then east behind the big tree is a hidden nook and in that same spot, you’ll find the Grass Knot TM 081.

Once you have it, you’ll also need to craft it. After crafting, you’ll find it a lot easier to battle powerful opponents like Rock and Water-type Pokémon.

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How To Get Grass Knot (TM081) in Scarlet and Violet


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