Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise features an in-game achievement system, the Guild Card Awards system, that keeps track of player’s progress in the game. Several of these awards are unlocked by playing the game normally, as they are unlocked via story progression, while others require players to complete some specific tasks, some of them being quite time-consuming.

The Golden Spiribug is one of these awards that require completing a special task to unlock. Here’s how to do so in the quickest possible way.

How To Get Golden Spiribug Award In Monster Hunter Rise

To get the Golden Spiribug Award, you will have to gather 1000 Golden and Gilded Spiribugs. This is a very huge amount to find, and if you’re not much into collecting Endemic Life, it may take a very long time to unlock.

Even looking actively for them will take a while, without a proper strategy. The best map for gathering Golden Spiribugs is the Shrine Ruins. Starting from the main camp, head to area number 2 on the left that proceed to the north until you get to area number 13, then head to areas number 12 and 11 and loop back to the main camp area by way of area number 5. Additionally, you can collect 6 Spiribug inside a cavern that’s located in area number 8.

By doing a full run of the map, you will be able to catch around 30 Spiribug, which should help you unlock the Golden Spiribug Award more quickly than you normally would by playing the game normally. Remember that you can catch Spiribug by simply getting close to them and press the correct button.

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