How to Get Gold Keys in CSR 2

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Keys are a special currency that unlock cars, upgrade parts and other items in the Rare Imports. There are three different types of Key – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – and each type is used to unlock a different type of prize, Gold Keys being the most valuable.

Best Ways to Get Gold Keys in CSR 2

The simplest and easiest method to get Gold Keys in CSR 2 is by just logging in for 30 days straight. It is important that you don’t miss a day of logging into the game, otherwise your rewards will be interrupted.

On the 26th day of logging in, you will earn one Gold Key, and on the 28th day, you will earn three. Yeah, you have to wait for nearly a month, but you’re getting free Gold Keys, and all you have to do is log into the game each day! A very worthy trade.

The second way to farm Gold Keys is through the Daily Battle. If you get 200 wins in Daily Battle, you are awarded 5 Gold Keys! But you must be thinking that would take 200 days; but that’s not the case.

The Daily Battle challenge resets every four hours, which means that you can finish a Daily Battle multiple times a day, letting you farm wins up to 200 much quicker than you thought.

The final way to earn Gold Keys are to participate in pop-up tournaments. Completing several rounds of these pop-up tournaments give you amazing rewards, and the highest rewards which require a lot of rounds to be completed can consist of Gold Keys as well! And those are some of the key tactics to get Gold Keys in CSR 2. Are there any other useful methods you know? Let us know in the comments down belo

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How to Get Gold Keys in CSR 2


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