How to get Gold and Spirit Points in Idle Heroes

How to get Gold and Spirit Points in Idle Heroes

There is the reason why Idle Heroes has the word “Idle” in its name. It’s really not that difficult to upgrade your characters in this game. Your heroes will continue to fight, even if you are not around, and earn experience points for themselves. On the other hand, leveling up your heroes can be time-consuming and difficult. In this guide, we’ll show you the quickest ways to level up your heroes and what you should aim for on your way to the final stage of the game.

Leveling up Heroes in Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes has a significant difference from similar games: your heroes cannot earn experience points, which they can use for themselves. These points only affect your personal level. In other words, the only way to level up your heroes is to use gold and spirit points. If you have enough of these two resources, you can level them in a few minutes.

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Gold and Spirit Points in Idle Heroes

You can use the following gameplay mechanics to get gold:

  • Midas Shop. Gives 20,000 gold every 24 hours. You can buy more gold for gems.
  • Wheel of Fortune in a casino. One of the prizes is 10.000 gold. One free wheel spin is given every 24 hours.
  • Daily quests. Completing special tasks every day you can get 20,000 – 25,000 gold.
  • Tower of Oblivion. Completing tower quests grants 5.000 – 10.000 gold.
  • Campaign Missions. Each campaign quest gives you a certain amount of gold.

You can use all of the above options to get spirit points. Just remember that more often than not, you will receive fewer spirit points than gold. Of course, you can also purchase gems and then gold or spirit for real money, but our goal is to spend as little as possible on the game.

For example, to improve a hero to the last 40th level, you will need about 100,000 gold. It’s not a lot of money, so in just a few weeks, you can upgrade your entire PvP squad. However, spirit points are much more difficult to obtain. It will take you about 1 month to raise 12 heroes to level 40. Professional players can do this in about 2 weeks.

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How to get Gold and Spirit Points in Idle Heroes


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