Getsuga Black is a limited-time Clan Bloodline and a nuanced version of the regular Getsuga Bloodline in Shindo Life that many players want to get their hands on to access its unique movesets based around the red lightning-like energy. 

But, since obtaining Bloodlines, especially limited-time ones, is not that easy, and many new players are unaware of it, many Shindo Life players fail to obtain the Getsuga Black. Seeing that, we prepared this handy guide on how to get Getsuga Black Bloodline in Shindo Life. 

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How to Get Getsuga Black Bloodline in Shindo Life

In Shindo Life, you can get the Getsuga Black limited-time Clan Bloodline by performing Spins in the Bloodlines menu. It is a rare Bloodline, with the chance of obtaining it being 1/350. So, if you have an excellent RNG, you may get it early, but if you are unlucky like us, you may have to keep performing Spins to get the Getsuga Black eventually. 

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That said, there is an alternate option using which you can get the Getsuga Black in Shindo Life. And that is by purchasing it for 499 Robux, granted you own the Bloodline Bag battle pass, which again will cost you Robux. 

Even if you obtain the Getsuga Black Bloodline in Shindo Life, to obtain its different moves, you must meet Level and Chi requirements while having the required Ryo to unlock it. 

  • Kor Style: Hand of Getsuga
    • Level: 200
    • Chi: 520
    • Ryo: 500,000
  • Kor Style: Rasensuga
    • Level: 400
    • Chi: 1,600
    • Ryo: 1,000,000
  • Kor Style: Getsuga Shuriken Blitz
    • Level: 700
    • Chi: 2,200
    • Ryo: 1,000,000

That concludes our guide on how to get Getsuga Black Bloodline in Shindo Life. For more on Shindo Life, check out our dedicated guides section. 

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How to Get Getsuga Black Bloodline in Shindo Life


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