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How to Get Free Energy in Travel Town | Tips & Guide

How to Get Free Energy in Travel Town | Tips & Guide
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Travel Town is a colorful merger game that takes place in an exotic setting. By combining matching items, you can help the Travel Town locals, upgrade buildings, and unravel the story behind the idyllic location. There’s only one issue—you have limited energy to do all that.

Luckily, there are ways to replenish your energy in Travel Town and prolong your enjoyment. Here’s how to get more energy for your Travel Town adventures.

Note: Travel Town is available on both Play Store and App Store!

How do I get more energy in my Travel Town game?

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If you end up without energy in Travel Town, you can’t progress through the game further. The obvious option to refill your energy is to exit the game and simply wait for the energy meter to refill, which will take quite a long time. But you have other options, too.

First, you can watch an ad to get some of the energy back. Of course, this solution isn’t really ideal (who wants to watch ads anyway?). However, it is a free and effortless way to continue playing for a while. You should keep in mind that getting energy via ad-watching is limited, though. After a certain number of ads, you won’t be able to watch any more until the next day.

Next, if you’ve built up a decent stash of Diamonds, you can simply use those to purchase more energy. You can earn a smaller amount of Diamonds through regular gameplay or purchase bundles in the in-game store.

Finally, you can get free energy refills from Travel Town events. The daily challenges also have some enticing rewards, including energy crates. Note that the better you rank in a challenge or event, the better rewards you’ll receive.

Extra tips for Travel Town

What is the Power Boost in Travel Town?

The Power Boost represents a special boost that you can activate to increase the odds of getting more valuable items. When you activate the boost, you’ll spend more energy, but your chances of getting high-value rewards will skyrocket. A notification will appear once the boost is active, which is quite handy because you don’t want to leave the boost on unintentionally and drain all of your energy!

What is the Splitter in Travel Town?

The Splitter is a special tool that can, as the name implies, split items. This can come in quite handy for certain tasks because with a Splitter, you gain access to previous-level items by splitting higher-level ones. In other words, you can build a better strategy to complete your tasks while spending the least amount of energy.

This concludes our guide for getting free energy in Travel Town. If you want to learn more useful tricks and tips for various other games, jump into our Game Guides section. Or, if you want a shortcut to in-game freebies, check out our Codes articles for tons of redeemable goodness!

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How to Get Free Energy in Travel Town | Tips & Guide