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How to Get Flinx Fur in Terraria – Guide

How to Get Flinx Fur in Terraria – Guide
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Terraria is an action survival game that puts the world at your fingertips and challenges you to fight for survival, fortune, and glory. The game will see you delving deep into cavernous expanses and seeking out powerful enemies to test your mettle in combat.

You can also build your own city as well. And while it’s not the same as Roblox or Minecraft, Terraria lets you make your own choices. The game’s multiplayer allows up to 7 friends on local wi-fi or online via device-device Wi-fi hosted games and in this article, we show you how to get Flinx Fur in Terraria.

How to Get Flinx Fur in Terraria – Guide

The game’s entire landscape can be a fraught experience that’s filled with danger and weather effects of all kinds. There are cold biomes that are usually dangerous and contain tough enemies that are likely to kill you if you’re not extra careful.

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This is where the Flinx Fur becomes useful as it’s one of the most useful crafting items that you can get and use. It’ll provide you with lots of warmth especially when you’ve crafted it into a handy coat.

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There’s only one way of getting the Flinx Fur in Terraria and it’s by battling and defeating a Snow Flinx, a special type of wild enemy that you only find in ice biomes. In this case, you’ll have to progress through snow biomes and explore ice biomes as well because the two are linked.

Upon reaching an ice biome, commence your search for a Snow Flinx. They’re not very hard to spot and although they’re enemy creatures, they only have a max health of 70, so they shouldn’t pose much of a threat and should be easy to put down.

A few hits should kill the Snow Flinx then simply pick up the items they’ve dropped. Chances are they’ll drop 1-3 Flinx Fur. So depending on how many you need, you’ll have to kill more Snow Flinx in the area to get more Flinx Fur and craft important equipment with it.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need at least eight Flinx Fur, ten silk, and eight platinum or gold bars to craft a solid Flinx Fur Coat.

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How to Get Flinx Fur in Terraria – Guide


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