How to Get Easter Eggs in Animal Crossing Bunny Day 2022 Event


It is Easter in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and there is an egg hunt to join in with! The egg hunting event is called Bunny Day and takes place on Easter Sunday, 17th of April 2022, with a week of fun preparation beforehand. To begin this egg-cellent event, load up your game and search for Zipper T. Bunny who is wandering around somewhere on your island home.

Meeting Zipper T. Bunny in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

How to Find Easter Eggs in Animal Crossing Bunny Day

Find Zipper T. Bunny and he will tell you all about hidden easter eggs and recipes all around the island. He will also give you your first recipe- a Bunny Day Bed recipe. The eggs are used to craft Bunny Recipes that wash up on the shore during the event.

Shake the trees to find Leaf Eggs (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Look out for places to dig and fishing spots, and use your shovel or fishing rod to collect what is hidden there. Eggs can also be shaken from trees much like fruit or branches, found by breaking rocks, and shot out of the sky as they float by on balloons. Very egg-citing!

Stone Eggs come from mining rocks (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Where you find the egg will determine what sort of egg it is:

  • Earth Egg – Dug out of spots in the ground
  • Leaf Egg – Shaken from trees
  • Sky Egg – Shot out of the sky
  • Stone Egg – Mined from stones – particularly from rocks on other islands
  • Wood Egg – Found when chopping trees, particularly from Coconut Trees
  • Water Egg – Fished out of the water
Wood Eggs come from chopping trees! (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

If the end of the event comes and you do not have every egg you need to create each recipe, Zipper T. Bunny will trade with you for the ones you need in exchange for eggs you do not want.

Good luck and Happy Easter!

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How to Get Easter Eggs in Animal Crossing Bunny Day 2022 Event


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