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How to Get E.U.C. ‘Knight V’ in Sons of the Forest

How to Get E.U.C. ‘Knight V’ in Sons of the Forest
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Sons of the Forest’s latest update adds a new rideable vehicle to the game, and it is packing a sweet name: The E.U.C. ‘Knight V’. With an awesome name like that, we were expecting the Knight V to be some kind of armored vehicle, but we ended up being hilariously surprised when we found it. Here is how to get the E.U.C. ‘Knight V’ in Sons of the Forest.

Where to find the E.U.C. Knight V in Sons of the Forest

At the moment, there seems to be only one spawn location for the E.U.C. Knight V in Sons of the Forest, which is the abandoned campsite near a large waterfall.

via Endnight Games

To be more specific, the Knight V is at the campsite near where you find the binoculars and the shotgun. The Knight V itself is sitting next to one of the red tents. Here is a closer GPS look if you are having trouble finding it, and please excuse Kelvin’s big marker blocking the way.

via Endnight Games

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Behold, the Knight V is all of its unicycle glory! Yes, E.U.C. stands for electric unicycle, and we felt silly for not realizing it earlier. The Knight V is a stylish white electric unicycle, and you can ride it to get some sick speed.

Silliness aside, the Knight V actually moves pretty fast, so you can get around really quickly with it. Since it is electric, it is fueled by batteries, so make sure to have some extras when you are riding around.

The Knight V cannot be placed into your inventory, but it can be hauled around. Set it down when you are ready to ride, then simply hop on. Your first couple of rides are probably going to end up in wipeouts, but do not worry—you take no damage from eating dirt.

The controls take some time getting used to, especially if you are playing on a controller. The Knight V is definitely a little slippery, so you want to take it slow at first while you are getting used to the handling. We recommend finding a large and flat field to practice in. If you are looking for more survival tips, be sure to check out our other Sons of the Forest guides.

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How to Get E.U.C. ‘Knight V’ in Sons of the Forest


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