How to Get Dragon Scales Fast in Pokemon Go

How to Get Dragon Scales Fast in Pokemon Go

The longevity and coolness of Pokemon Go make this game one of the most popular worldwide. If one decides to get a dragon scale in the game, there are some points one needs to remember. First, they are super rare and completely needed when one is searching for ways of evolving the Pokémon Seadra into Kingdra.

So, if this is your plan, keep reading the guide to get the most detailed instruction on how to do that.

The Ways of Getting Dragon Scales in Pokemon Go

To reach the final form, you will require 100 Horsea candies and a dragon scale. They will enable you to evolve them and then turn Kingdra into a mighty pocket monster that is great for raids as well as taking over gyms.

There is no doubt that this is quite challenging. One can scoop up a dragon scale by taking over Gyms and spinning their luck at Pokestops. Nevertheless, in this case, the drop rate will be really low. Once you follow the Pokestop route, you will require grinding through multiple stops to achieve the desired drop.

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Moreover, one can get a dragon scale by spinning a special Pokestop seven days in a row to achieve the needed streak bonus. Besides, there is a chance of getting some additional evolutionary items (such as the Sun Stone, Unova Stone, King’s Rock, and so on).

Now you are aware of the ways of getting Dragon Scales in the game. Follow the steps described above and enjoy playing and have fun!

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How to Get Dragon Scales Fast in Pokemon Go


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