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How to Get Dio Over Heaven in Anime Adventures

How to Get Dio Over Heaven in Anime Adventures
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This is… the world over heaven! Heaven Ascension DIO has finally made it into Roblox Anime Adventures as the secret limited unit Dio Over Heaven, or JIO (Over Heaven). As expected, he is one of the strongest units in the game right now, so everyone wants to get their hands on him. Here is how to get Dio Over Heaven in Anime Adventures.

Getting Dio Over Heaven in Roblox Anime Adventures

Dio Over Heaven, also known as JIO (Over Heaven) as Anime Adventures officially refers to him by, is based off of Heaven Ascension DIO’s appearance in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, the PlayStation 4/5 game.

JIO (Over Heaven) is a magic damage unit that attacks in AoE circles. His active ability is The World Over Heaven, which freezes time for a whopping 20 seconds, stopping all enemies from moving and the wave timer from decreasing.

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To get JIO (Over Heaven) as a unit, you must acquire Frozen Stars, which cost 150 Stars. Stars were a limited time currency that dropped from Frozen Portals during the Christmas 2022 event. After you got a Frozen Star, there was an astronomically low chance you could get JIO (Over Heaven) from opening one.

JIO (Over Heaven)’s exact summoning rates were never released to the public, which is why most people think that his rate was next to nothing. The summoning rates for him were probably even lower than mythic unit rates.

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Unfortunately, if you missed out during the Christmas 2022 event, this means that your only way of getting JIO (Over Heaven) is through trading. This, of course, hinges completely on other people willing to trade their JIO (Over Heaven).

If you are serious about trading for JIO (Over Heaven), we recommend you join the official Anime Adventures Discord server, as they have safe trading avenues, ensuring you do not get scammed.

Just keep in mind that because JIO (Over Heaven) is one of the strongest units in the game right now, people are not exactly going to give him away for free. You will probably have to make colossal offers to even be considered for a trade.

If you are one of the lucky few who has him, what do you think of JIO (Over Heaven) as a unit? Let us know in the comments below.

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How to Get Dio Over Heaven in Anime Adventures


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