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How to Get Diamond Camo Guns in COD Mobile

Want to bedazzle your favorite guns? Learn how to get the diamond gun camos in COD Mobile.

Everyone knows that you only look as good as your guns do, so make sure you are rocking the snazziest weapon camos in Call of Duty: Mobile. Feeling extra fancy? Go for the diamond camos to let everyone know you mean business, because they are quite difficult to get. Here is how to get diamond camo guns in COD Mobile.

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Getting diamond camo guns in COD Mobile

If you want to show off a shiny new weapon camo on your favorite guns, the diamond camo is the best way to do it. As we mentioned, getting a single diamond camo for just one gun can take you quite some time, so let us break it down.

The first step to earning a diamond camo gun in COD Mobile is to acquire every single “grindable” camo for your gun of choice. There are many gun camos that you can get by completing simple objectives, like getting a certain amount of kills—you have to literally grind it out in order to get a lot of these camos, hence the name.

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Every single gun in COD Mobile has six grindable categories, with ten camos in each. You must get all 60 camos in these grindable categories before we can move on.

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  • Sand: Unlocked by killing enemies.
  • Dragon: Unlocked by killing enemies with hip fire.
  • Splinter: Unlocked by killing consecutive enemies without dying.
  • Tiger: Unlocked by killing enemies with full attachments.
  • Jungle: Unlocked by killing enemies with headshots.
  • Reptile: Unlocked by killing enemies with no attachments equipped.

Note that each camo category also has a gun level requirement, and you cannot get credit for a category until you hit that required level. For example, the level requirement for dragon camos is 10, so even if you land hip fire kills, they will not count if your gun is lower than level 10.

After you have completed the arduous task of getting all 60 grindable camos for a gun, you unlock the completionist camo category. Specifically, the gold camo is now unlocked for your gun.

Prepare yourself for an even longer grind, as the next step requires you to complete 100–150 matches while getting at least 10 kills in each match. The exact range varies for each gun.

Our favorite way to rack up lots of kills quickly is to play either team death match or free-for-all on small or medium-sized maps, like Shipment. Of course, whichever mode you prefer should be what you play in the end. The grind is going to be a long journey, so good luck!

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How to Get Diamond Camo Guns in COD Mobile