How to Get Devil Fruits in Roblox Fruit Warriors


Fruit Warriors is a new anime-inspired multiplayer game on Roblox. Based on popular manga and anime, One Piece, Fruit Warriors has players create characters and battle across the sea with various weapons and skills. Collecting and using different fruits to buff your abilities is all part of the game too, and the Devil Fruit is a valuable piece you will want to find!

Our guide below will show you how to get Devil Fruits in Roblox Fruit Warriors

How to Get the Devil Fruit in Fruit Warriors on Roblox

Whether you are fighting other players or NPCs, you will want to be as strong and powerful as you can, and this is where finding and using Fruits comes in! Combining different Fruits with your own fighting style, weapons, and gameplay can make all the difference to your success in battle. There are more than 30 Fruits to choose from, including the powerful Devil Fruit.

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The Devil Fruit is a powerful fruit needed to reach the Haki Teacher at the top of the North Hill, giving the player the power to fly up to the top in super quick time. To get a Devil Fruit you can do one of 2 things: purchase them from a Fruit Merchant, or discover one when it spawns randomly. Finding one when it randomly spawns is tricky without purchasing a 2,599 Robux Fruit Notifier from content Pioneers Studio, so let’s concentrate on purchasing one from a merchant.

Fruit Merchants are found at any one of 3 locations: Starter Island (tier 1), Snow Island (tier 2), and Alabasta (tier 3). The lower the Fruit Merchant tier, the lower the chance of getting a high rarity Fruit like a Devil Fruit. Fruit Merchants offer player the chance to spin for a Fruit. The spin costs around 25,000 Beli or 2 Tokens, with the price increasing every time you spin. The more you spin, however, the more your chance of getting a higher rarity Fruit increases.

That is all you need to know about obtaining a Devil Fruit in Roblox Fruit Warriors. For more hints and tips on this One Piece inspired game, head over to our guide section.

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How to Get Devil Fruits in Roblox Fruit Warriors


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