How to Get Coins Fast in Cult of the Lamb


Cult of the Lamb is a cool new action roguelike game available for PC and consoles. Players must play as the lamb and build their own cult. In the game, the world is randomly generated, so each time you will meet different enemies, settlements, followers, etc. And in this guide, we will tell you how to get Coins fast in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Get Coins Fast

Your main goal in Cult of the Lamb is to create the largest and most powerful cult. And what cult can exist without Coins? All your buildings for resource extraction, upgrades, decorations, and more will require a lot of Coins. Therefore, you should immediately take into account that this is the most important resource. Luckily, Cult of the Lamb has many different ways to earn Coins. And now we will tell you about the fastest of them.

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When you first start building a cult in the game, the best way to get Coins is to sell valuable goods. And since most of these resources are needed for buildings, we recommend you sell rare fish. At first, you can just fish and hope you catch a rare one. However, it is better to activate the Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty to increase your chances of catching rare fish.

Then you have to get your followers to be useful, namely to bring you Coins. To do this, you need to unlock the Ritual of Enrichment to get a lot of Coins in a few seconds. But don’t forget to keep an eye on the faith level of your followers.

Finally, during the game, you can find gold nuggets. And to use them effectively you have to build a lot of workstations. Several of these workstations fully loaded with gold nuggets will be able to bring you a lot of Coins.

That’s all you need to know about farming Coins in Cult of the Lamb. Follow our tips to make your cult incredibly wealthy. And we hope this guide was helpful for you.

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How to Get Coins Fast in Cult of the Lamb


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