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One Piece has been a beloved anime and manga series ever since it launched, eventually making its way to become a video game adaptation on Roblox that’s been played by millions of players on the platform. The game allows players to create a character and use that character to traverse over the island and own ships, fight in duels and take on the challenges that come with being a pirate.

That’s one of the main reasons why Pixel Piece is such an exciting game to play and get lost in. You get to head out on an adventure that’ll see you gain different types of abilities and meet various NPCs along the way and learn from them as well. One of the best fighting styles to learn is Black Leg, so in this article, we’ll be showing you how to get Black Leg in PIxel Piece – Roblox.

How to Get Black Leg in PIxel Piece – Roblox

In order to get the Black Leg fighting style in Pixel Piece, you’ll have to speak with Sandro, an NPC who you can find inside the restaurant at Baratier Island. Once you interact with him, he will offer to teach you the Black Leg fighting style for 2,500 Gold.


Apart from the cost of learning the Black Leg style, you also do not have to own a weapon in order to learn this skill since it is a melee fighting style that you can only execute using your legs.

So if you have enough coins to pay Sandro, then go ahead and pay him to learn the Black Leg fighting style. Below we’ve listed the abilities and movesets that you can gain while using the Black Leg fighting style in Pixel Piece:

Coiller – The player performs a sideways sweeping kick which can stun targets.

Casser – Jump up and perform a rolling slam in front of you, dealing damage in an AoE.

Party Table Kicks – The player spins and performs several kicks that deal damage to nearby enemies.

Desukikku – Jumps up in the air and slams down to deal damage.

Parage Shoot – The player rises and launches a flurry of kicks in the target direction while suspended in the air.

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How to Get Black Leg in PIxel Piece – Roblox


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